Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday night

Well, the interview phase of my visit is over. I will know by the end of the month whether or not I am getting the job, and so I will just have to wait and to hope. I really like this city, I really like this job, and I am hoping that I get it. It would be a defining moment in my life.

As it was Friday night, I decided to go out and sample the nightlife.

I like parties and bars, to some extent. I tend to be uncomfortable in large crowds and I do much better with just a small group of people. This turned out to be a problem, and that is probably because it was Friday night that there were so many people.

I ended up in a couple of gay bars. I went from one to the next as they got too crowded. A couple of guys bought drinks for me, but I did not like any of the men particularly. They seemed to like my accent, and I think that was probably made me so popular.

But I got tired of it, it was too crowded and anyone who talked to me seemed to be talking to me for novelty value...I was the visiting Italian. It was strange and uncomfortable and I disliked it, so I came back to my hotel room.

It makes me feel as if I do move here, then the same thing will happen. I want to be liked for being me, not for having an accent and a nice smile. That has so far been my only complaint about this city. Because if I do move here, I want to properly explore my sexuality, I want to try to get beyond one-night stands and hiding who I am completely. I am not saying I will leap out of the closet if I move here, but it will be a lot easier for me in this environment.

I am staying the rest of the weekend, to look at some apartments, because I will be moving soon if I get the job. And I think I would stay even if I did not intend to, with all of the air travel issues from this week. I am hoping things will have calmed down by Sunday, at least a little.

I hope everyone has had a good week, and has a good weekend.


At 12:35 AM, Blogger john said...

Have a good weekend buddy!

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Gumby said...

enjoy your visit to the US.

personally, I hate Philadelphia. Of all the cities I've ever visited, I think the people in Philly are the rudest meanest ones. And I've spent quite a bit of time in New York City and Boston. But I hope you have a good time there, and if you move there, I hope you can find true happiness for yourself!

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous dan said...

I always understood the people in Philly to speak really really fast. never been, anyway, I suppose anyone who is a new face other than accent is always a novelty. I completely agree bars can be superficial and not always real. I imagine that if you moved here you'd make friends, get a small fun group to go out with and do social things besides bars, and really get some good friendships and relationships going. anyway, hopeyou enjoy your weekend, I hopeyou find some nice chill bars tonight to check out, and have a good trip back without too many long lines. wishing you the best! later.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger RIC said...

As I've said a few times before, you have to teach yourself to be more patient. The guys in the bars' reaction is normal. it's just the beginning. Wait and you'll see!
A very nice weekend for you too!
Congratulations on the interviews!

At 8:33 PM, Blogger alessandro said...

Most people here I met were fairly friendly, though they did talk very fast, yes. And that made things worse as I started to drink and my English comprehension dropped. All in all, a good trip though

At 5:31 AM, Blogger Gray said...

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