Saturday, August 12, 2006

Long Flight Ahead

I really did intend to go out tonight. It is my last night in Philadelphia, possibly ever, and so I wanted to leave with a better and more enjoyable experience than last night. Then I realized that I am leaving tomorrow. My flight is approximately 15 hours long. Because of time zones, that means I will land, in theory, provided there are no delays, at 10.40 Monday morning.

I will then go home, shower, and hopefully be at work by 12.30. I will then, with luck, be back home by 19.00, maybe. I do not sleep well on planes. That means I will go from tomorrow morning until Monday night without sleep, and I am sure that that is not going to be terribly enjoyable. My flight from Philadelphia leaves at 13.30, so I need to be at the airport optimistically about three hours ahead of time in case of long lines.

I do not see how that gives me any time to go out. I need an early night if I have any hope of not collapsing at work on Monday. So sadly I will spend Saturday night sitting in my hotel room, alone.

Part of me is glad, though, that I did not sleep with anyone while I was here. I think that shows some self-control and that is a step forward, as well. But I still feel alone here. I have a bottle of wine here, and as I cannot take it home, I might as well finish it. No point in wasting good wine.

I looked at some apartments today. Rent here is very expensive, but as the job pays more than I currently make, I think it will even out.

Real estate agents talk VERY fast. My English comprehension is good...but if you speak a mile a minute at me, I am going to catch about one word a sentence. So I then had to ask them to speak slower, and I got a couple of glares for that. I could almost hear their thoughts "stupid immigrant cannot understand English"

All in all, though, my trip was good. I would love to move here. I am looking forward to going back home, though. My apartment there is my sanctuary, and I feel safe there.

Somehow, I will survive being awake for most of two days.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger Gumby said...

I really hope you're able to get some sleep on the flight. I know that a long stretch without sleep can be somewhat painful, physically.

I really do wish you all the best. If this job is what will help you find happiness, I sincerely hope it is yours!

At 9:51 AM, Blogger RIC said...

Sunday, half past three (Rome's time).
Whether still in Philadelphia or already over the Atlantic, I wish you a pleasant flight, Alessandro! When I was your age I could easily spend many hours sleepless too, just for fun. Now it's a little bit different, if you «catch my meaning»...
Hope you'll get to rest on board. I've never thought about it, but flying eastwards has always been more painful to me than westwards. There must be an explanation, I guess.
Be patient, man!... :-)

At 10:57 PM, Blogger J. said...

hey, just found ur blog through some other ones-
i go to school in philadelphia and i cant wait to go back this fall!
hope you hear good news from the people you interviewed with!
i hate sleeping on airplanes also- last time i went to tokyo it was a 16 hour flight and i had the worst jetlag
cant wait to read more

At 5:34 AM, Blogger Gray said...

As a *fair* speaker of Spanish, I've noticed that almost anytime a Spanish speaker is talking to me that I have to ask them to slow down (and, yes, sometimes they look annoyed). People are the same the world over!

Language fluency does not come until one is completely immersed in it. When/If you come back to live and work, you'll find that your comprehension will almost automatically increase.


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